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Zero VAT on air conditioning installations

From 1st April 2022 we are delighted to announce that there is zero rate VAT to pay on the installation of air conditioning as these units are actually heat pumps. This will be in effect for 5 years. As the base unit is a heat pump it also benefits the customer as it not only provides the cool refreshing air in summer but also the warm comforting heat in winter.

Single Split Systems

At boosted we offer both single split system and multiple split systems. A single split system consists of an outdoor unit which is the heat pump, and a single indoor unit which is where the air is blown from. This single unit can be fitted in any room and you can regulate the climate depending on the season.

Multi Splits

Multi split systems consists again of a single outdoor unit that is the heat pump but has multiple indoor units from where the air is blown. Customers can enjoy between 2 and 6 indoor units, that can be installed in the rooms of their choice. This is an ideal way of controlling the climate throughout any house or dwelling. This is also an ideal system that can be added to over time with more indoor units installed when needed.

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Conservatory Air Conditioning

Conservatories have also been renowned for being too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. Our air conditioning systems allow full control of your conservatories climate all year round so this room can be utilised whatever the weather.

Sleep Well

Due to global warming, we are seeing higher temperatures in summer and colder winters. This change is more noticeable when it comes to bedtime. Our air conditioning systems come with Wi-Fi controls as standard, for easy remote operation to find your ideal room temperature without leaving the comfort of your bed.

Working From Home

As we have seen an increase in people working from home, it is important to ensure your workspace is fit for use. By installing an air conditioning system, you can create the perfect working atmosphere regardless of the season. Wherever your home office is located. Spare rooms, garden office, loft space, the perfect system can be installed for you to create a comfortable working environment.


We have seen many instances on many domestic properties where pipe work is left exposed and can look unsightly. At Boosted we feel it is important to ensure that all pipework is enclosed not only to protect the pipes but to offer a professional finish to your installation. We do this using Inaba Denko trunking which comes in either white or black. Black trunking blends in with black guttering, rainwater down pipe and soil stacks and looks great. White trunking blends in with soffit’s and rendered properties as well as traditional white guttering and rainwater down pipes.

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Commercial Air Conditioning

At Boosted Heating and Plumbing we not only offer air conditioning installations to domestic properties but also commercial units. Air conditioning installation within commercial properties has become the norm over the past few years where employers are recognising the need to provide a comfortable working environment for their employees and customers.

For new installations we can provide a full site survey and provide independent advice on the most efficient systems available to deliver year-round comfort for staff and customers.

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