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Contact us to arrange a FREE no obligation appointment to carry out a survey of your central heating system by a Gas Safe engineer.

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Our engineer will carry out a detailed survey of your boiler and heating system. We use the latest technology including thermal imaging and water sample analysis to identify the level of debris within the pipework and radiators, and where possible, identify the cause of corrosion.

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We will calculate the best deal to accommodate your needs and send this over in a timely manner.

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When you are ready to proceed, contact us to get booked in. Power flushes usually take a full day. Included in the quote will be the details of the time frame and the individual requirements.

It involves connecting a machine to the central heating system, usually at the central heating pump or magnetic filter. Dirty water is then flushed from the system and it replaced with clean water. Special chemicals are added, heated up and circulated to remove residual debris. The radiators are then isolated, and each radiator is flushed separately. When the last radiator has been flushed, the water is discarded and replaced with clean water.

You can check for 'cold spots' on your radiators. If they are cold at the bottom and hot at the top you may have a build-up of debris. This is when you need a Power Flush to prevent blockages in radiators and pipework. For newer boilers, if the system is not well maintained this can invalidate the manufacturer's warranty.
When traditional, heat-only boilers or those with old pipework take longer to heat up, this can be a sign of dirt and debris building up. Also, heating systems with microbore pipework can become blocked quicker with only a small amount of debris. In all these instances, a Power Flush is recommended and will inevitably rectify the problems.

The price will depends on a number of factors such as number of radiators, the type of heating system and how dirty the system is.

Most Power Flushes require a full day appointment. Our engineer will advise on the expected time during your survey and quotation.

Yes, with our experience and flushing methods we are confident in offering up to 10 years' warranty on our Power Flushing. Subject to our terms and conditions.

Yes. We can install a new magnetic system filter or replace and old leaking filter during a Power Flush. You can discuss this with the engineer at your appointment and add it to your quote.

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