Ground and Air Source Heat Pumps

We have been installing heat pumps since 2006 with many high-quality installations and happy customers throughout Yorkshire. Our approach is different as we aren’t here to sell you a heat pump, our passion is installing them. You may have already decided to install a heat pump in your property but after doing research have discovered reports of higher than expected running costs on some heat pump installations.

The efficiency of any heat pump comes down to the whole heating system design, heat pump installation and heat pump commissioning. We want to make your central heating system the best it can be, at the lowest possible flow temperature, for maximum efficiency.

Your house is heated by radiators or underfloor heating (emitters) which must be correctly designed, installed, and commissioned. The heat source, be it a heat pump or gas boiler simply provides the energy required for the emitters to heat your home.

We have longstanding partnerships with some of the best MCS accredited heat pump suppliers in the Country. Our partners take care of the paperwork including the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) grant application which discounts the installation of an air source heat pump by £5000.

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Heat pump breakdown and repair services

At Boosted Heating and Plumbing we offer annual servicing and maintenance for Ground Source Heat Pumps and Air Source Heat Pumps throughout Yorkshire and surrounding areas. Our heat pump engineers are experienced and FGAS trained which is a requirement when carrying out work on appliances that contain refrigerant.
If you have a breakdown or require a repair, call us or complete a contact us form and an engineer will contact you.

Heat Pump Servicing

Although heat pumps contain very few moving parts its still recommended that your heat pump is serviced every year. Most systems contain magnetic filters as well as fine particle strainers which require regular checks for debris. Air source heat pumps (ASHP) require cleaning to ensure clear air flow through the outdoor heat exchanger and if antifreeze has been added its freezing point should be checked. Ground source heat pumps (GSHP) also use antifreeze in the ground array which should also be checked on an annual basis. Most properties containing heat pumps will also have an unvented hot water cylinder which will require an annual service to preserve its warranty.

Heat Pump Service Plans

We offer service plans for most heat pumps including Mitsubishi, IVT, Samsung, NIBE, Stiebel Eltron, Worcester Bosch, Thermia, Grant, Midea and Vaillant.

First Heat Pump Service

Our trained engineers will carry out a bespoke service to suit your heat pump installation and provide a report of work carried out and any recommendations on improving your system.


If you have recently moved into a property with a heat pump or your installer didn’t fully explain how to operate your heat pump, we can provide training as well as tips on maximising efficiency.

Discounted Rates

Following acceptance onto an annual service plan you will receive discounted call out rates and priority response on any future call outs.

Are you experiencing higher than expected running costs?

Heat pumps are a very efficient way to heat a home. However, they are only one part of any central heating system where each part plays an equally important role. Emphasis is often placed on the heat pump’s ability to heating your home however, the radiators or underfloor heating heats your home with energy supplied from the heat pump. The energy captured by a heat pump is transferred by water and transported by a network of pipes around your home to the radiators or underfloor heating. The whole system must work as a team, if one part isn’t quite right it can lead to higher than expected running costs.

Heat Pump Efficiency Survey

Are you experiencing high running costs, poor heating performance, or feel something isn’t quite right with your heat pump installation or central heating system? Has your original installer stopped responding or is no longer in business? Our experienced engineers can carry out a detailed assessment of your heat pump installation and provide an in-depth report and explanation as to why your heat pump isn’t performing as expected.

  • • Ground and Air source heat pump repairs
  • • High running costs investigated
  • • Professional room by room heat loss calculations
  • • Insurance work undertaken
  • • Central heating design
  • • Heat pump ready central heating systems
  • • Ground array leaks repaired
  • • Glycol replacement
  • • Electrofusion welding

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Heat Pump Ready Heating Systems

If you aren’t quite ready for a heat pump why not ensure your new heating system is heat pump ready. Not only will this mean minimal disruption during a heat pump installation, but it will also ensure your boiler is efficient. Condensing boilers should operate at a maximum flow temperature of 50°C and a return temperature of 30°C for condensing to fully take place, which is what gives them their efficiency.

  • Heat loss calculations to EN12831
  • • Domestic central heating design
  • • Heat pump system design
  • • Low temperature heating systems
  • • Heat pump ready central heating systems
  • • LPG, Oil and Natural Gas installations
  • • Solar thermal heating and hot water
  • • Underfloor heating design

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For more information on Open Energy Monitoring bundles

Heat Pump Monitoring

Open Energy Monitoring can be used to monitor the performance of ground and air source heat pumps. The efficiency of heat pump is expressed using “coefficient of performance” (COP). To calculate COP, heat output (kW) is divided by electrical power input (kW).

For example, a heat pump delivering 3kW of useful heat into a property while consuming 1kW of electricity this would be a COP of 3 or 300% efficient.

Heat output is measured using a heat meter which contains a flow meter and temperature sensors, installed in the heat pumps primary pipework. Electrical consumption is measured by MID approved electricity meters installed on the heat pumps power supply. Data collected by the meters as well as local outdoor temperature is displayed on an easy to navigate dashboard.

We offer full retrofit installations of heat pump open energy monitoring systems throughout Yorkshire and surrounding areas.
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