What is a Heat Geek?

A Heat Geek is someone who has undergone Heat Geek's in-depth heating system design course. The installer themselves is the number one contributor to heating system efficiency, far more than the products selected. There is no other course like this available in our industry!

Whether you have a heat pump installation, gas or oil boiler, understanding emitter sizing, pipe sizing, hydraulic layout and principles is absolutely crucial to obtain the highest efficiencies. As a consumer, there is no way you can really ensure your selected engineer understands these. A certified Heat Geek will!

Heat Geek have done this by giving the industry’s first course that isn’t ‘pay to pass’. IT IS VERY DIFFICULT, and rightly so. Persevering through this difficult course doesn't just give the design knowledge, but displays many other traits to give you peace of mind when dealing with your valuable and potentially very expensive project.

(Paraphrased from the Heat Geek website)

Heat Geek Consumer Advice Playlist

Low Temperature
Central Heating

Low temperature central heating is essential for both heat pumps and gas boilers to keep running costs low and efficiency as high as possible.

Underfloor Heating Design
and Installation

UFH design should not be confused with a free CAD drawing. We design with low temperatures in mind, using weather compensation to provide comfort and efficiency without the need for multiple room thermostats associated with high temperature systems.

Heat Pump

We have 16 years of experience installing both ground and air source heat pumps. Based in Leeds we are ideally positioned to provide installations throughout Yorkshire.

Heat Pumps
Air Conditioning

High quality installation, service, and repair of single and multi-split air conditioning systems for both domestic and commercial properties.

Air Conditioning
Heat Pump

Although heat pumps are extremely reliable, from time-to-time faults can occur. We carry out repairs and servicing to most makes of heat pump and accessories.

Heat Pumps

A solar thermal system uses the suns energy to heat water for use in the home. Solar thermal can be used for central heating as well as domestic hot water.

Viessmann Vitovalor

Boosted Heating are fully trained to install the Viessmann Vitovalor PT2 which provides heating and hot water using advanced fuel cell technology to convert hydrogen into energy.

Heat Loss

Our central heating system designs start with an approved heat loss calculation, without calculation everything that follows is simply a guess.

Heat Loss Calculations
Domestic Central
Heating Design

With energy prices on the rise, it’s important to ensure your central heating system is as efficient as possible. Regardless of the boiler or heat pump it’s the central heating system that provides efficiency. We offer a full central heating design, installation and commissioning service.


All gas boilers have the capability to be 92-94% efficiency (A-Rated), however actually achieving efficiencies in the 90s depend on how well the rest of the system is designed and controlled.

Heat Pump
High Running Costs

Heat pumps are very efficient and shouldn’t cost any more to run than a gas boiler. High running costs could be an indication that something could be wrong. Contact us to arrange a survey.

Heat Pumps
House Renovation and
Self-Build Specialists

Bespoke plumbing, heating and cooling systems for new build properties and major house renovations. Fully designed, installed, and commissioned.

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