All About Air to Air Heat Pumps


All About Air to Air Heat Pumps

We’re almost done with the first month of 2023 and it’s definitely time to start thinking about upgrading the heating in your home before Spring hits us. This blog is here to tell you all about air to air heat pumps from how they function to the advantages of having one in your home instead of a regular boiler. 

So, what exactly is an air to air heat pump? Well, these pumps are an alternative way of heating your home. They transfer air from outside of your home into the inside which increases the temperature of each room’s air. Most people know about air conditioning and it is usually associated with decreasing the temperature of the room’s air. However, they also have the ability to heat rooms up. As temperatures start to drastically change due to global warming, it’s time to start considering ways of heating and cooling your homes; these pumps can do both. That’s right; no more wearing 4 jumpers during the freezing winter and no more sitting in front of a rickety fan with barely any clothes on during a heatwave. 

There are so many advantages to these heat pumps, one of which has already been mentioned.

  • They’re universal; they can be used all year round for different temperatures.
  • They’re easy to use; the pump is automatically monitored via climate control thermostats.
  • They’re efficient; 1 kW of electricity can generate 3-4 kW of heat.
  • They’re cost efficient; the overall cost of a pump is dependant on the customer’s income
  • They’re quiet; fans, fireplaces and radiators can often be quite noisy. Not the air to air heat pump!
  • They’re environmentally friendly; they use air to heat up/cool down your homes.
  • They’re diverse; any type of air source can be used.

So, after reading this and you’re interested in switching to an air to air heat pump; don’t hesitate to enquire with us to get you started! 

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