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Traditional, open vent boilers are mainly used in many homes over the UK. Most are found up in lofts or attics due to them needing a lot of space to store them.

Regular boilers are often found with copper insulated cylinders which are stored in the highest room in the home. Most of these boilers haven’t been installed for over 20 years and for people looking to get a new boiler, they would often be recommended the Combi due to it being small and compatible.

These boilers are still being made however can only be used to replace those who already have them and can no longer be installed from scratch. They are often not recommended either due them not being as eco friendly as more modern boilers.

Here at Boosted we know that you want to save money within your home, while utilising heat. That’s why we’re here to recommend the right boiler for you.


Whether it be to reinstall a new boiler, replace an old one or even get a brand new one, we’re here to help. Here at Boosted we keep you in mind so we will be more than happy to give you a consultation to find which boiler will work best for you.

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