Daikin Air Source Heat Pump

At Boosted Heating we carry out repairs, servicing and maintenance to ground and air source heat pumps throughout Yorkshire and surrounding areas. From faulty sensor to compressor replacements, we are here to help!


Heat pumps are a very efficient way to heat a home. However, they are only one part of any central heating system where each part plays an equally important role. Emphasis is often placed on the heat pump’s ability to heat your home; however, the radiators or underfloor heating heats your home with energy supplied from the heat pump. The energy captured by a heat pump is transferred by water and transported by a network of pipes around your home to the radiators or underfloor heating. The whole system must work as a team, if one part isn’t quite right it can lead to higher-than-expected running costs.

Are you experiencing high running costs or feel something isn’t quite right with your heat pump or central heating system? Is your installer no longer in business? Boosted Heating can provide a full consultation service.


• Ground and Air source heat pump repairs

• High running costs investigated

• Professional room by room heat loss calculations

• Insurance work undertaken

• Central heating design

• Heat pump ready central heating systems

• Ground array leaks repaired

• Glycol replacement

• Electrofusion welding


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