How to make a heat pump more efficient


How to make a heat pump more efficient


Most properties’ central heating systems aren’t cost efficient. They will either use direct electricity or burn fuel to create heat around your home. If only there was a heating system that transports existing heat from outside your home to the inside. Oh wait; there is!


Heat pumps are one of the most sustainable ways of keeping your home cosy and warm this winter. How does it work you may be wondering? Well;


  1.  The air from outside is blown over a tube network that is filled with a refrigerant. Since the air is warming up the refrigerant, it becomes a gas.
  2. The gas that forms will pass through a compressor, increasing the pressure which adds more heat.
  3. These gases will then pass through a heat exchanger surrounded by air or water. The heat from the refrigerant is then transferred to the air or water to make it warm. The warm water or air is then circulated around the home which will make your home nice and warm. This cycle is repeated over and over due to the refrigerant turning back into the cold liquid, ready to start the process again. 


This is a very simple way of explaining how it works. However, if you would like a more in depth explanation here is a link to Heat Geek’s latest video showing how they got 600% heat pump efficiency without even needing insulation in their property. 


Now you know how the heat pump works, it’s time you learn about the benefits of having one of these installed into your home.



  1. It helps you save money on heating
  2. It will reduce your carbon footprint
  3. No noise pollution
  4. They’re a lot more efficient than gas boilers
  5. It uses renewable energy which is good for the environment


Already have a heat pump and find it isn’t very efficient? We have an answer for that too. Open energy monitoring kits are really useful for fitting into an air source heat pump which provides running data which we can use to increase the efficiency severely. 


Here at Boosted HP, we have been installing heat pumps for 17 years. We ensure that heat pumps are installed properly and that customers are happy and warm in their homes. As mentioned previously, we also install open energy monitoring kits. Many customers find that they can’t find someone to retrofit monitoring kits to their heat pumps, we are able to install kits to most heat pumps, we are committed to making sure your heat pump is living to its full potential. 


To enquire about the heat pumps or open energy monitoring kits please don’t hesitate to drop us a call 0113 440 2025



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