Regular Boilers

 Here at Boosted we install several different boiler models, one of the models we install is the regular boiler. Below we have included information on regular boilers including its pros and cons.

Regular boilers, also known as traditional or heat only boilers, are made up of various components such as a hot water cylinder, cold water storage cistern and a feed and expansion cistern for the central heating,

A regular boiler works by needing a large tank of cold water that can usually be installed in the attic, this is so it can supply it with cold water from the mains. The regular boiler provides heat from cold water from the tank in the attic that feeds down to the boiler. The tank will need to be as high above the boiler as it possibly can to be able to increase the pressure of water that flows into your system.

The advantages of a regular boiler is that the water is stored within the cylinder and cistern, multiple water outlets can be used simultaneously with no effect on the water pressure or temperature. Another advantage of the regular boiler is that the hot water cylinder is usually installed with an electric immersion heater, in the event of the heating system breaking down, the immersion is still able to provide hot water.

The disadvantages of a regular boiler are that it has many components, the boiler which is usually in the kitchen, the hot water cylinder which is usually in the airing cupboard and the cold-water storage usually placed in the loft. These components are large and will therefore not be fit for smaller houses as they take up a lot of room. Another disadvantage is that the hot water cylinder does not have the most up to date methods of insulation, this may result in it having to be heated up more than once a day. In regular boilers the cold water is stored in the loft and fed to the cylinder by gravity, the water pressure can be quite low. This results in the show pressure dropping and will require booster pumps to perform effectively.

At Boosted we can install your boiler with one of our Gas Safe registered installers, they will survey, quote, and install your boiler. Every boiler we supply and install receives free first service.

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