Vaillant ecoTEC Exclusive Green IQ Combi Boiler installed in Wakefield

We recently completed a boiler installation in Wakefield where the boiler was converted from an open vent to a Valliant ecoTEC Exclusive Green IQ Combi boiler. The ecoTEC exclusive with green IQ is the best in boiler performance, control and efficiency with it being fully compatible with the vSMART heating control thermostat for optimum performance and smartphone app control with weather compensation. The ecoTEC boiler is eco-friendly and 85% recyclable with a 5-year guarantee as standard. The boiler also had IMI radiator valves fitted which has an integrated flow limiter which will eliminate over flows as the valve controls the flow rate independently from differential pressure, the boiler also had a chemical power flush meaning chemicals are flushed through the pipes and radiators to break down rust and grime to prevent damage.

We have looked after the previous boiler for a few years for our lovely client who decided that 25 years was a good run for that boiler and therefore decided that it was time for them to upgrade during the summer months that would provide peace of mind for years to come. Before we installed the new boiler, we carried out a detailed survey of the property including water pressures and flow rates as well as professional room by room heat loss calculation and radiator size assessment. The results revealed a total heat loss of only 8kw and quite clearly the radiators had been oversized by a good amount.

The property beforehand had a 15kw Ideal Classic traditional boiler installed from new build, with a 150-litre open vent copper cylinder with header tanks in the loft. As a result of this the client has had years of low pressure hot and cold water as well as heating the cylinder twice a day, the client has also had to install an electric shower due to the poor water flow rates through the original showers.

After carrying out the survey of the property we presented our findings and a number of boiler options to the client which resulted in a combi boiler becoming the winning option. For the client we recommended a Vaillant ecoTEC exclusive green IQ 835 combination boiler with a Vaillant boiler protection filter, Vsmart room thermostat and a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty, with a heat loss of only 8kw the Vaillant ecoTEC was an ideal choice.

The Vaillant has a staggering modulation of 1:10 which gives the boiler a high level of efficiency with lower fuel bills, the boiler can also adapt itself to give only the exact heating output required at the time. We were also able to program the boiler to run at a maximum of 8kw whilst leaving room for the boiler to automatically lower to 3.9kw on warmer days.

To comply with the boiler plus Government legislation we installed the Vaillant’s Vsmart wireless room thermostat. As well as a clear display the thermostat can be operated via a smartphone app from anywhere.

Weather Compensation
The Vsmart thermostat features load and weather compensation. Only on the coldest days of the year do radiators need to operate at maximum temperature to get your home to the desired temperature. Weather and load compensation use weather data to calculate the lowest possible radiator temperature needed to reach the desired temperature, meaning a more efficient system and lower fuel bills.

After 25 years of work the central heating system needed a chemical power flush, luckily as the old boiler was in a working condition, we were able to pre-treat the system for a week to start loosening built up debris. Once we were able to remove the old boiler the power flushing machine could be connected directly to the heating pipework. After this we could then individually flush each radiator and connected pipework whilst remaining connected to the system to be able to successfully remove the years of debris, following a full days flushing of all the dirt and debris it had been triumphantly removed and the system contained clean fresh water ready for the installation of the new boiler.

Radiator Valves
As the radiators had been oversized this therefore allowed the boiler to run at lower temperatures for longer using weather compensation, to compliment this further we also installed Eclipse TRV’s from IMI Hydronic. These are the leading radiator valves currently available and ensure the correct flow through each radiator which results in leading to a more efficient system.

All of our boiler installations come with a free boiler service at 12 months.

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