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 Here at Boosted Heating and Plumbing we are a Wakefield based company offering you a guaranteed high standard of work, from plumbing to boiler breakdowns to new central heating installations we have you covered!

We are proud to become a Viessmann accredited installer, covering the Leeds and Wakefield areas we are providing high quality design, installation, and aftercare service. From professional heat loss calculations using the latest software, to central heating assessment with energy efficient designs, professional installation, and commissioning. We can provide water treatment to VDI standards to ensure corrosion free systems, below we have included some information on the Viessman boilers we can install and their functionality.
Vitodens 050-W Gas Boiler
The Viessman Vitodens 050-W is the ultimate entry level boiler, with compact dimensions, low weight, and quiet operation, the attractively priced Vitodens 050-W is a low-cost gas condensing boiler that will integrate effortlessly into any living space and does not compromise on quality.
Up to 7 years warranty
The Vitodens 050-W comes with a 3-year comprehensive warranty as standard, however, as trained Viessman installers we can offer a complementary 7-year warranty. The Vitodens 050-W is offered with two domestic hot water (DHW) output ratings (5.9 to 29 and 8 to 35kW) as a combi boiler with integral instantaneous water heater. An electronic boiler control unit for thermostatic mode and weather compensated mode is already integrated into the Vitodens 050-W along with a frost stat.
Vitodens 100-W Gas Boiler
The Vitodens 100-W is Viessmann’s bestselling condensing boiler, it is efficient, compact, quiet, and affordable. The Vitodens 100-W gas condensing boiler is the most popular solution for smaller and well insulated homes, it features innovative technology and services combined with reliability and longevity whilst also coming ready for smart technology which will help you to optimise your heating and save on energy costs.
Touchscreen display
The Vitodens 100-W gas condensing boilers are controlled by the new, blacklit LCD touchscreen, making it easy to read and use in dark environments.

Up to 10 years guarantee
The Vitodens 100-W comes with a 5-year comprehensive as standard, however as trained Viessmann accredited installers we have the option to extend the warranty up to 10 years.

Vitodens 111-W Gas Storage Combination Boiler 
This is a high-performance storage combi boiler for the family home, it is rapid, reliable, and compact. The Vitodens 111-W is a high-performance wall mounded storage boiler for family homes with a high demand for hot water. With its cylinder loading system (CLS) and 46 litres integrated stainless steel storage tank, the 111-W has the capacity to fill a standard bath in just 8 minutes, whilst also supplying a sink or washbasin simultaneously. It also has high hot water capability of more than 18 Litres per minute and performance equivalent to a separately installed 50L hot water cylinder.
Up to 10 years guarantee 
The Vitodens 111-W comes with a 5-year comprehensive warranty as standard, however, as trained Viessmann accredited installers we have the option to extend the warranty to up to 10 years.
Vitodens 200-W Gas Condensing Boiler
The Vitodens 200-W is a powerful gas condensing boiler for larger homes. It is the new generation of heating systems with its greater efficiency, lower emissions, simple operation, future-proof, durable and digital technology. This boiler sets the standard for the future as it is easy to install, operate and maintain.

Integrated WIFI interface: Heating comfort becomes Digital
The Vitodens 200-W is an intelligent energy centre, which meets the highest demands for a comfortable heat supply. With its modern, function design as well as its plain matte surface it blends harmoniously into any living environment.
The integrated WIFI interface connects the gas condensing boiler to the internet. The ViCare app makes it even simpler to operate, you have all the functions you need to control the heating system at your fingertips. In the case of a problem, the installer is informed directly via the app and can quickly take remedial action.

Vitodens 222-F Gas Storage Combination Boiler 
The Vitodens 222-F is a gas condensing storage combi boiler with integral enamelled loading cylinder or DHW cylinder with internal indirect coil, it has a rated heating output 1.9 to 32kW. The Vitodens 222-F has a visually attractive heating centre that corresponds to standard kitchen unit dimensions for easy integration.
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