What should you do when your boiler breaks down?

Have you occurred a boiler breakdown but have no idea what to do? Then look no further then Boosted Heating and Plumbing LTD.

In the event that a breakdown occurs, our friendly staff are here to help to assist you should you need breakdown reassurance. We understand that it can be stressful and inconvenient, but we hope this blog may help you when determining if your boiler has broken.


What are the signs?

-          A yellow pilot light may have appeared on your boiler. This can usually be the first sign that a breakdown has occurred as this light should usually be blue.

-          If your boiler has been recently making any unusual noises, for example a banging noise. This can indicate a hazardous problem with the boiler and action should be sought out immediately.

-          Irregular water pressure can also be an indication that your boiler isn’t performing the way that it should. Contact one of our team to come and inspect this immediately.

-          An increase in condensation in the room can also be a sign that there are problems with your boiler.

-          An increase in gas consumption. This is usually a hazardous problem and one of our team should be contacted as soon as possible.


What should I do?

The first steps are to always remain calm. The problems with your boiler can be sorted by our staff who are always available should be contacted should you have any concerns.

-          The boiler error number should be written down first. This will allow us to indicate what error has occurred with your boiler.

-          Switch the boiler off after noticing any of the above signs. This prevents the boiler from overworking.

-          Check for an error number on the digital screen. This can help one of our professional engineers diagnose the problem.


In the event of a breakdown, one of our gas safe engineers will be able to come and inspect your boiler, repair it, and get you back up and running. We treat your homes with respect and keep mess at a minimum by protecting your floors and carpets with dustsheets.

Our hourly rate starts as soon as we arrive at your property, if your repair takes longer, we charge in 30-minute intervals so you only pay for what we use!

Give one of our team a call today or send us an email! We will be more than happy to help answer any queries you may have!

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