central heating power flush

 A central heating power flush is the process for your boiler which removes any dirt, rust or grime that could have built up withing your boiler system over time. If this dirt is left it can be detrimental to your heating system as it could result in blockages and corrosion which ultimately could reduce how efficient your boiler is.

A power flush happens using a specialised machine where a chemical is then circulated throughout your radiators, pipes, and your boiler at a high pressure. The process of using this specialised machine will flush out any inhibited substances which will result in your system being able to run the water flow freely through your system. The amount of time a power flush takes usually depends on the size of your system and condition, it could usually take around a full day to perform.

Here at Boosted you can contact us to arrange a FREE no obligation appointment to carry out a survey of your central heating system by a Gas Safe engineer, the engineer carries out a detailed survey of your boiler and central heating system. We use the latest technology which includes thermal imagine and a water sample analysis, this will then identify the level of debris in the pipework and radiators- the technology can then possibly identify the cause of the corrosion.

After we have done the free survey, we will then calculate the best deal with you to be able to accommodate to your needs and therefore send this over in a timely manner. When you are ready to go ahead with the power flush just contact us to get booked in! the process usually takes up to a full day, in the quote given to you there will be details of the time frame and the individual requirements for the power flush.

Do you have any queries? contact us today by phone at 01924 566236 or email at  contact@boostedhp.co.uk , a member of our team will be more than happy to help you.

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